Author, Innovator, Nature Photographer | Michael Feerer

Author, Innovator, Nature Photographer

Using My Creative & Entrepreneurial Talents to Inspire Others

Now completing my first middle-grade children's novel,

Hotlandia: A Deepak O'Donovan Misadventure.

Detouring with his mom and dog from an unwanted cross-country move from Jersey City, shy 12-year-old Deepak unexpectedly lands in a strange Mohave Desert town for the boiling summer of ’73. He must face wild dangers, prejudice, spies, quirky neighbors, and more to redeem himself for a tragic mistake.

My latest innovative venture: An easy way to discover the most celebrated, very best children's fiction & non-fiction.

The BookPie is a ground-breaking new way to find the very best children’s books, from picture books through upper middle-grade. These are the amazing books which carry so much WOW they can positively change lives and encourage more reading. (Goodbye screen time!) Arriving soon!

Unique fine art photo close-ups of evocative geology & biology. Available as archival prints, posters, or gift cards.

I wilderness trek 2,000+ miles per year to capture evocative, beautiful nature close-up photos which I turn into unique fine art nature photography. Ideal for home or workplace, these detail-rich archival prints also can serve as signature artwork for public spaces, patient rooms, and meeting rooms.

Michael Feerer portrait

How have I tried to lead an unconventional, creative life full of integrity, purpose, and challenge? And have fun, spontaneity, and lots of joy along the way? (Yes, that’s a mouthful, but each quality is very important to me.)

See more about my past and current life path as I “give back” via my creative projects and ventures while living an interesting, adventurous life in various parts of our amazing (and sometimes perplexing) world.

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