Premiere With a Passion

My Bestseller Which Spurred a Creative Revolution in Video

Premiere with a Passion published by Peachpit Press… The #1 bestseller for desktop video, fueling the early days of the digital video revolution to give everyone the power to create compelling video and film.

Premiere with a Passion was the first “bible” for the digital video revolution that began two decades ago. For the first time, everyday people on personal computers—not just video pros with expensive hardware—could creatively edit video clips and movies. That revolution eventually led to what we routinely experience today: YouTube, NetFlix, etc. ubiquitously playing on our screens.

My 415-page guidebook showed how to creatively work with the leading video editing tool: Adobe Premiere™. Loaded with step-by-step guidance, humor, and tons of screen illustrations, the book sold 27,000+ copies in two editions over a three-year front-list reign during the mid-1990’s. It was the bestseller in its digital video niche.

The book included a Michael’s Gradient Effects bonus disk in the back which I also developed. It was loaded with soft, organic visual effects that users could load into Premiere. Those effects became as much of a sensation in the digital video world as the book itself.

After completing the book’s second edition, I turned my attention to developing more of those innovative effects. That led to a successful new entrepreneurial venture. (See “Career #2” on that page.)

“Premiere is like a giant Swiss Army knife. It’s packed with tools, but a new user doesn’t know where to start. What’s great about Feerer’s book is that it doesn’t just explain the various Premiere tools, it provides examples of how to put them together.”
Randy Ubillos, Creator of Adobe Premiere

“Michael Feerer explains techniques and tricks concisely in this appealing book.”
NewMedia Magazine

“Feerer’s engaging style makes the book a useful and enjoyable reference to use.”
Washington Apple Pi Journal

“What a singular pleasure for me to write a dedication to the man who wrote a book that had so much impact on my life. I learned to use Premiere many years ago in design school. It became one of my passions, due in no small part to Michael Feerer’s book, Premiere with a Passion.
… Michael’s book was inspirational as a student; it was interesting, informative, funny, and passionate. I measure my personal writing success on whether I think my books would convey the same sense of interest and excitement to my readers.”
Acknowledgement in Donna L. Baker’s later book, Adobe Premiere 6.5 Complete Course (published by Wiley)

lens photo by Bill Ebbesen

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