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Gallery 1 of Fine Art Geology Photos | Natural Colors

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“Slow down and look carefully. Appreciate my longevity and beauty and I will connect you to patience, wisdom, and wonder in return.”

Geological processes extend over immense time frames. We witness only a frozen moment in any rock’s chemical and physical life. What I present here are the rare instances when geological evolution creates a compelling visual — an evocative abstract alchemy in stone.

Most were captured in the southwestern U.S., such as from the red rocks of Grand Canyon National Park or the crystal trees of Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. They are more challenging to find than gemstones but require no digging, panning, or special geologic expertise. Instead, my senses, patience, and camera are my excavation tools. The photos have no Photoshop enhancements beyond cropping adjustments and simple tweaks of contrast, brightness, and color.

Enjoy exploring these fine art photos. Which rock photographs speak strongest to you?

PS: “I love your rock photos, but need a different color for my room or space!” In response to that frequent need, I now also offer a second rock photo gallery of selectively color-shifted fine art photographs. Click this link for that gallery after browsing below. 

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