Amazing Rocks/Geology 2

Gallery 2 of Fine Art Geology Photos | Color Variations

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Photo Purchase FAQs

Below is my second rock/geology photo gallery. It holds color variations of the photos in my first rock/geology fine art photo gallery. They are my response to the frequent comment of, “I love your rock photos, but need a different color for my room or space!”

I’m happy to oblige. After all, fine art photography emphasizes the creative vision of the artist/photographer over a purely representational/documentary image. So creative coloring can be a natural part of my fine art palette when desired.

All of the natural geometry and intricate detail of each original photo is retained. Only certain areas present a new color (a process which can take hours to carefully implement per photo).

Please browse through the color variations below. They provide a very unique look that can add fantastic color to a space. (And can be quite a conversation starter!) Enjoy!

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